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Tips & Tricks

Before the trade show

Create a budget and set goals Trade show participation is part of a company’s overall strategy, as well as its marketing, sales and HR strategies. It is very important to set specific goals and create a budget that includes purchasing of space, a stand, as well as personnel costs (travel, hotels,  restaurants). It is essential […]

During the trade show

Details make the difference  Your stand is a reflection of your company’s image. Make sure it is organised!  A storage area is very useful for concealing packaging or for storing brochures. Portable solutions come with a carrying case that turns into a counter, and modular solutions offer storage areas that are secured by a door. […]

After the trade show

Follow-up is the key to success  A successful trade show is not just about meeting with customers and leads: Ensure that each lead has been treated and a follow-up goal is established. Thank your customers after the trade show and follow up on each request individually. Ensure that each lead has been processed with a […]